Who Makes Your Clothes?

Where are Bombshell dresses made?

90% of Bombshell dresses are made right here in London, about a 15 minute drive from Bombshell's showroom in Muswell Hill. This means we are there for every step of the journey and have total visibility of our supply chain.

Do you know the people who sew your dresses?

Yes, we are like one big family! The people who own our factory are of multiple nationalities and it is a positive and happy place where people feel valued. We've been with them for many years now and I can say they never let us down. The quality is amazing - second to none. They always go the extra mile. The people who work in the factory have been there for a long time too and that is really important. So of course we get to know each other really well. The owners are phenomenally hard working and really we would not have been able to grow the product range how we have without their skill, advice and effort. 

How many garments does Bombshell make per year?

It can be frustrating for people when we sell out of sizes. However, our belief is that we should not over produce. 

30% of Britain's unwanted clothing goes to landfill. That can equate to 700,000 tonnes of clothing (enough to fill 459 Olympic swimming pools).

We make forever clothes and know the quality will see them worn for years to come.

Who is in your supply chain?

We are proud to say we take visibility of our supply chain very seriously and use reputable agencies to source cloth which has a good carbon footprint. We are constantly striving to build sustainability in to the brand.

We plan to continue to use lots of natural fibres and work with companies such as Liberty who use Tana Lawn™ cotton. Locharron of Scotland weave our beautiful plaid and tartan collection. We are very proud of the heritage of the Lancashire mill that produces our coats. It feels good to support British manufacturing - it really is the best in the world!

What is a forever dress?

It's about buying a good quality garment that you love and will wear again and again. The type of quality that you know lasts. Clothes used to last for generations. Why not now?

What are your future plans?

More British manufacturing. Continuing to constantly reduce our carbon footprint across the supply chain. Ask questions, be innovative and continue to care.