Bombshell’s Guide to Dressing for the Races

Bombshell’s Guide to Dressing for the Races

What to Wear to the Races


This is your go-to guide on what to wear to the races and especially those April outdoor occasion events!


Randox, Aintree Ladies’ Day

The Randox Ladies’ Day event is all about glamour and this is your chance to dress to impress! The style code is all about showing off your personality through what you wear, so this is your time to shine! Think pretty patterns, bright colours, and a gorgeous style of dress.




Going for a Cotswold dress is something that fits the dress code perfectly, and you can really make an impression! I have designed many different dress styles within the Cotswolds collection, so there is a dress style that would be perfect for you! The dress screams class and the luxurious feeling of the beautiful fabric will help you feel incredible on ladies’ day, and that’s a Bombshell promise!

The ‘Cotswolds Roses Bombshell 3/4 sleeve 'confident dress’ is a popular choice for events like these, and it isn’t hard to figure out why! The v-neck is elegant and the dress gives an effortless hourglass. I have designed this dress to snatch in your waist and its past-the-knee length is so flattering! Team this with an elegant 3/4 sleeve and you have a dress that will take you to the most formal of occasions but in a fun and fabulous Bombshell way. 

Let’s not forget the colours and pattern of this piece! The white makes the red roses pop! I made sure that the dress wasn’t too cluttered with a pattern, and that it had the perfect balance of red, green, and white to make that essential spring dress. The length of this dress is below the knee which adds to the classy, elegant look we’re going for, for the ladies at the races!

Check out our collection COTSWOLD COLLECTION

floral dress

cotswold rose dress

Team With Our Matching Swing Coat


To really make the green in the dress pop, adding the ‘Bombshell New Emerald Finishing Touch’ will do exactly that! 

emerald fascinator

The emerald colour will work to enhance the colouring in the dress whilst also allowing your facial features to be complimented perfectly. You can’t go wrong pairing this finishing touch with a stunning Cotswolds dress! This outfit would look complete with some red heels, or some gorgeous emerald pumps.

Liberty print dress
liberty print dress
Pink hat

Goodwood Events – How to Dress to Impress


Goodwood is known as one of the most beautiful racecourses in England. The name “Goodwood” and brand offers so many fabulously decadent events across the year. Seeing as we haven’t been able to enjoy these events properly over the last few years, this counts more than ever! It’s time to get back out and enjoy these amazing races! The dress code for Goodwood is always ‘dress to impress’ and this is exactly what we aim to do at Bombshell. 



We go that extra mile to make all of our outfits perfect for events like these! They ooze elegance, and class and are timelessly attractive and definitely impressive! We have managed to create the perfect looks for Goodwood using our top skills and amazing design ideas.


The Grace Dress in Liberty Tana Lawn

Take a look at this dress, The Grace in Liberty Tana Lawn, rigorously quality controlled at every stage, the result is a famous masterpiece of fabric, fine, cool, comfortable and durable, with a delicate print, utterly glorious for Goodwood and is the perfect dress for an event such as this.

It is very lightweight, making it a great choice for spring with the added tie detail at the tummy, which helps to create that effortless silhouette. There are many other options to wear for Goodwood, that would be just perfect to have in your wardrobe!

Team with our Fuchsia Saucer and you will really make a style statement. 



Ladies’ Day at the Races in Navy


This year is all about the colour and navy as a flattering colour is an easy winner! 

Wearing some bright clothing is the trend for this year’s events and special occasions. Look at how stunning our 'Navy Roses' Bombshell cap Sleeve Confident Dress’ is; it has everything you could want for a Goodwood event. The flattering sarong skirt and elegant pass-the-knee length, makes this an elegant and fine choice for this April. You are sure to love this dress as much as we do, it will be a staple piece in your wardrobe!

This Year It's All About Colour


This dress can be perfectly paired with some Bombshell classic accessories! To really finish off the look, pair the dress with our ‘Bombshell Large Hatinator in Navy’. These 2 pieces together make for a gorgeous outfit perfect for Goodwood!  

The hat is a classic accessory for any lady attending a race, making you look extremely put-together, and well dressed. It also works to highlight your facial features, giving you that glam but classy look. To completely finish off this look y, pair it with some gorgeous black heels, or navy-blue low heels. This outfit is exactly what you need for Goodwood and is also a perfect spring look!

navy dress
pale blue print dress
Emerald silk dress


The weather is expected to remain chilly for the race, with a possible chance of showers. Staying wrapped up is something you should prioritise. Luckily, we have outfits to fit all forecasts! When going to an event like the Grand National, you always see women wearing amazing dresses, looking extremely elegant and high profile. Bombshells in a nutshell!

blue dress

Let’s start with the ‘Xanthe Magenta Bombshell 3/4 Sleeve Confident Dress’ this is an extremely flattering choice to wear if I say so myself! We love the adjustable wrap bodice on this outfit. As you can see, the length of this dress is extremely flattering and makes for a perfect Grand National choice. The shirred side panels have been added to this dress to nip you in slightly at the sides, helping to create that gorgeous hourglass shape, and showing off your natural curves. 

The vibrance of these colours are perfect for this spring, as it is all about showing off your personality through your clothing. The pattern has been made with the perfect balance of flowers so that the dress isn’t cluttered. Everything about this dress is perfect for a race!


Grand National Race Day – Ladies’ Dresses


The Grand National is fast approaching, which means that you need to have your stunning outfit ready to go! Like any other glam day outing, Aintree has a dress code of 'dress to impress'. Wear something you love, look unforgettable in, and is extremely comfortable!

The Grand National is always a huge hit every year, with people wearing amazing colours, fascinators, and patterns that are so perfect for a day at the races. Bombshell has some stunning pieces that will be exactly what you are looking for! 

baby blue dress

A dress like this ‘Edge of the Shoulder Midi Bombshell Dress in Hydrangea Print’ is the perfect piece to wear for the racecourse! The gorgeous blue shows off the spring vibe that you are going for, and it makes you look effortlessly chic. 

This dress doesn’t just look perfect for the Grand National, it is also very practical too. If you love the look of off-the-shoulder dress styles but prefer to wear a bra then this is exactly what you need! It’s all in the design! We believe that you shouldn’t compromise your comfort in order to look good, which is why I have designed this dress so that you can wear it with a bra. It has a wide neckline, giving you that off-the-shoulder look, but giving you the option to wear a bra with it. The skirt leaves your hips at the perfect location, creating that dreamy hourglass silhouette. With a dress like this, you don’t need to worry about getting caught in a gust of wind at the races, as the length is elegantly past the knee allowing you to feel confident in all weathers. 

To finish off this look, you could pair it with the ‘Bombshell New Hydrangea Saucer’. The colours are identical and will give you that effortless glam look, perfect for the races. I don’t know about you, but I always see amazing women wearing accessories like these at races so you will be sure to fit right in! If the weather is a little chilly, it’s still spring so we can’t expect too warm sunshine just yet! Then perhaps wearing a dress and jacket combination is the best outfit to go for. We love creating matching pieces here at Bombshell, it opens up so many different outfit options and means that you are prepared for colder weather. 



  pink printed dress

If you want something to throw on top of this dress, to make yourself feel a little warmer and take off the breeze edge, then in classic Bombshell style, we have a ‘Bombshell Stole in Xanthe Magenta’ that goes hand in hand with the dress. This is the finishing touch to the outfit and will give you that extra bit of glamour.  It looks amazing, feels great against your skin, and is also super practical. 

You can easily adjust how you wear this piece, making it your go-to stole for all the race events this year and beyond! To finish it all off, you could wear this outfit with some red or pink heels or stick to a white pump. You’ll definitely look like you are the princess of the ball, as well as looking fantastic and feeling amazing too because there is comfort with all of our designs.

Royal Ascot


A fabulous key event in the racing calendar is Royal Ascot, this day is equally about your choice of outfit as it is about the races! If you are heading off in June then don't forget to check up on the etiquette on what you can and can't wear. 

Royal Enclosure Dress Code

Dresses and skirts should be a modest length, falling no shorter than just above the knee. Dress straps should be one inch or more, strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck, and spaghetti straps are not permitted. Dresses with sheer straps and sleeves are also not allowed. Midriffs must be covered and hats should be worn; however, a headpiece that has a solid base of four inches (10cm) or more in diameter is acceptable as an alternative to a hat. Fascinators are not permitted. It's very regulated however, we think our fabulous Bombshell silk dupion dresses with matching hats could be the perfect choice for the Royal Enclosure. 


Caledonian Ball


Aside from the races, the Caledonian ball is fast approaching! The dress code for this event is for the women to wear floor-length evening dresses. How often do we get to dress up like this? A maxi dress is one of the most elegant dresses a woman can own. It represents that you are tasteful and glamorous, and you don’t have to give up on your comfort either!  Bombshell has a wide range of maxi dresses that would be just perfect for any Ball. However, I do have some favourites that would be flawless for the Caledonian Ball. 


Gowns You Won’t Want to Take Off…

The ‘Luxury Velvet Bombshell Gown in Charcoal’ is the perfect robe that you would only imagine in your dreams! We have created this robe to be the perfect option to keep glamour all day and night. Just putting this robe on will make you feel instantaneously beautiful. 

Floor-length gowns that we design with you in mind are timeless and super tasteful. We like to class this as everyday luxury because it gives you an effortless glam, hourglass, and sultry look. It is really the perfect piece to add to your Bombshell collection and you will feel great and utterly fabulous! With a graceful bell sleeve and satin cuff, the arms are slim and comfortable.

In true Bombshell form, this dress has been designed to show glamour, and elegance, with no bulk or excess material where there shouldn’t be. This is an extremely comfortable dress that makes your body look flawless and flattering. You will fall in love with this piece as soon as you get it! You’ll never want to take it off!

sequin dress

Why not pair any of these dresses with our range of shapewear? I feel extra secure and curvy when I complement my dresses with our shapewear. There are so many different events going on this month, from races to balls, and there are so many different options of what you can wear to look your deservedly perfect self. Bombshell has created a whole range of amazing dresses and matching accessories that are perfect for any event or occasion. Take a look at our entire range and you’re sure to find something that you'll absolutely love to wear to the races! 

Love Katya x 

velvet robe
velvet robe
sequin dress

If you want something with a bit more sparkle the ‘Red Sequin 'The Ultimate' Bombshell Evening Gown’ is exactly the choice for you! The gorgeous red colour keeps you looking flawless and will catch the eye of everyone around. You are for sure going to be feeling fabulous whilst in this dress. 

Every woman deserves to own an ultimate glittery dress for a ball, and this is just perfect.  Some sequin dresses feel itchy and irritate your skin, but not here at Bombshell! The nude lining is designed for ultimate comfort and you won’t fee that irritation or see those sequins fall off. 

 I’ve also designed this beautiful jaw droppingly gorgeous dress with stretch, so you don’t have to worry about restricted movement.  The length is exactly what is needed for the ball, and it is shaped to your body showing off your natural curves.


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