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      Bombshell Quiz Answers:

      1. Coco Chanel debuted her iconic No5 perfume in what year? Right answer: 1921
      2. At the 2000 Grammy Awards, J Lo wore a daring green sheer dress with a neckline slashed to below her navel. She wore a recreated version again 20 years later on the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week. Who was the designer? Answer: Versace
      3. For her debut as First Lady of the US in 2009, Michelle Obama wore a one-shoulder ivory ball gown covered in rosettes. Who designed it? Answer: Jason Wu
      4. Anna Wintour has held her position as Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue since: Answer: 1988
      5. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge once worked as an accessory buyer for: Answer: Jigsaw
      6. Who famously said, “I don’t want to make money. I just want to be wonderful”? Answer: Marilyn Monroe
      7. Meghan Markle’s wedding dress was designed by: Answer: Givenchy
      8. As a young woman, Elizabeth Taylor’s waist was famously: Answer: 21 inches
      9. Coco Chanel popularised which material: Answer: Jersey
      10. Once Audrey Hepburn became famous, she had a lifelong contract with which designer to dress her? Answer: Givenchy
      11. Or on the night that Prince Charles revealed his marital infidelity on tv in a documentary, Diana upstaged him at a Vanity Fair event wearing: Answer: Christina Stambolian
      12. Thatcher’s most famous accessory was her handbag. Which designers was she lost partial to? Answer: Asprey
      13. Judy Garland’s real name was? Answer: Frances Gum. 
      14. Where was the iconic 60's Biba store? Answer London
      15. What is the colour of Frozen's Queen Elsa's Cape? Answer: Purple 
      16. What would you wear if you're going to San Francisco? Answer: Flowers in your hair
      17. What side traditionally are ladies buttons? Answer: Left hand side
      18. What are these shoes known as? Answer: Spats
      19. What tie knot is this? Answer: Full Windsor Knot
      20. What is the name of this skirt ? Answer: Ra ra skirt
      21. What did Pepsi and Shirleys T-shirt's day in Wham video - Answer: “go-go”
      22. Manolo Blahnik shoes were a particular favourite of the lead character in which TV series: Answer: Sex and the City
      23. Which famous actress said “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted” ? - Answer: Mae West
      24. Which famous actress used her Hermes Bag to hide the early stages of her pregnancy? Answer: Grace Kelly
      25. What was Lady Gaga’s dress made out of at the MTV video awards - Answer: Meat
      26. Who designed Madonna’s famous cone bra? Answer: Jean Paul Gaultier
      27. Who designed this iconic Elizabeth Hurley dress - Answer: Versace
      28. Which movie did John Travolta wear the iconic white suit - Answer: Saturday Night Fever
      29. Which Hollywood Starlet wore trousers as her trademark style: Answer: Catherine Hepburn