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      Polka Dot Dresses

      polka dot dresses

      Bombshell polka dot dresses with sleeves and cap sleeves. Looking for a navy, white, black polka dot dress?

      There’s a sense of whimsy and wonder attached to the humble polka dot dress that’s impossible to recreate with any other pattern. From Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman to the second most famous mouse in the world, Minnie Mouse herself, the polka dot dress is more than just a style staple for women around the world – it’s a little piece of fashion history, too.

      Which is why you’ll find a fantastic selection of polka dot frocks right here at Bombshell London, including the most popular designs. Looking for a classic red polka dot dress, or perhaps a simple white dress with black polka dots? You’re in the right place.

      Designed in London, the Bombshell RSVP collection of dresses includes a wide range of elegant looks and silhouettes to suit every style and taste. Our polka dot dress collection will ensure you’re prepared for any event, be it a dinner party or a picnic in the park.

      Finding the perfect polka dot dress

      Polka dot dresses are designed to stand out for all the right reasons. With an unmatched sense of childish whimsy and fun attached to them, polka dot dresses never fail to bring a smile to people’s faces at any event. And our collection has a wide selection of colours, styles, lengths and sleeves to choose from.

      Our classic Navy Polka Dot Bombshell dress is a great example of the subtle playfulness achieved through a polka dot dress. The spotty design exudes fun and confidence, while the pairing of navy with classic white gives a more subdued air that makes it perfect for an evening do or dinner party.

      Red and white polka dot dressdesigns

      When we think of a polka dot dress, most of us find that our minds automatically conjure up a classic red and white design. Red and white polka dot dresses embrace everything that makes polka dot designs so unique: the fun, the fashion and the confidence.

      That’s why there’s a stunning collection of classic red polka dot dresses to discover here at Bombshell London, including twists on the traditional look. In the market for a red and white spotty skirt rather than a dress? We’ve got you covered, literally.

      Every inch of the Bombshell dress has been designed with style and comfort in mind, so there’s no better place to find the perfect polka dot dress to add to your wardrobe.

      A stylish spotty dressfor all occasions

      There’s no doubt that a polka dot dress is a statement piece. That means that you don’t have to work too hard when it comes to accessories. Pairing a red polka dot dress with matching lipstick and a pair of heels will give your look a classic touch of 50s glamour, while a navy purse and heels is all you need to dress up a navy and white polka dot dress.

      Our stunning dresses also translate well into events like weddings, race days and christenings. For such occasions, pairing your polka dot design with a simple yet playful fascinator will ensure that you’re turning heads for the right reasons.

      Polka dot dress UK

      Bombshell London founder Katya Wildman set out with a vision to make every woman look and feel fantastic. She put her years of costume design experience to good use, creating the classic Bombshell dress. This dress is inspired by the everyday woman: accentuating your best bits and concealing the parts you feel self-conscious about.

      Every Bombshell dress promises comfort and style, including our polka dot designs. It’s no wonder that women around the world are falling in love with our dresses. Be sure to explore our collection today and find your perfect piece.