Take a look inside the 'Real' Bombshells shoot - Bombshell London

Take a look inside the 'Real' Bombshells shoot

Take a look inside the 'Real' Bombshells shoot - Bombshell London

Although I feel I know lots of you really well, more often than not we have never met and I was excited to know you all that bit better.  We sent an email asking for a photo to win a Bombshell shoot here at HQ.

I thought at best  we might have a few lovely pictures for the walls of the new studio in Muswell Hill.  What happened next was completely unexpected.  Literally hundreds of emails came. All with wonderful bios, it was incredible. We had women from all over the country from ages 22 to 86  and of all dress sizes.  All of who told one message which was just how confident they felt in their Bombshell dresses. With too many to choose from we randomly selected Sue, 62.  Sues husband had taken photo of her in her Liberty Painters Meadow print Bombshell dress.

It was amazing to meet Sue and she was a natural in front of the camera. We went through an array of looks after Sue had had her hair and make up done.

We decided to make it a regular thing and again randomly selected more Bombshells to come in. We spent the next two weeks shooting and I really feel like I made some new friends. We were so touched by the cards, flowers and biscuits!

It was a highlight of 2016 for me with so many ladies wanting to also shoot. I think we should definitely do it again. If you would like to come and shoot with us, do sign up to the email newsletter.


Katya x









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