The Best Colour Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Guide to the Ideal Dress to Wear to a Winter Wedding 

Finding the ideal dress to wear to a winter wedding can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. When winter weather is thrown into the equation, dressing for the role can sometimes be quite challenging. A winter wedding attire must be carefully considered, from the fabric and design to the colours and accents. 

You'll be wedding-ready in no time with this Bombshell guide to the best winter wedding colours! You have to pick your colours wisely as anything too bright and colourful will make you stand out from the others and might not be the right style for a winter wedding. Typically, the perfect colours for a wedding at this time of year are more toned down and darker compared to summer, using tones such as green, gold, black, blue, purple and berry. 

Green Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding

This gorgeous Bombshell Dark Green Velvet 'Edge of the shoulder' Dress is a dream choice for a winter wedding. The dark green velvet is the perfect shade to match the winter theme. The material is a lovely, soft velvet that will keep you nice and warm in the colder weather. This is a super flattering piece that I designed to be soft, applauding, and comfortable to wear, just like real Bombshell magic. What more could you want for a winter wedding? This is one of Bombshell’s best sellers and it is easy to see why! It is a must-have wardrobe staple that you can wear all year round!



Does anything say glamour more than this luxurious dress? The Emerald Green Silk Dupion 'Grace' Tie Front Shirt Dress is another excellent choice to wear to a winter wedding. The green isn't too bright to be a summer dress, but it's also not too dark to look dull.


"I designed this dress to be flattering and elegant, concealing the tummy area, making it look lovely and flat and leaving the hips at the perfect place to create structure"

In this piece you will look breathtaking and feel confident, comfortable yet glamorous!



Herringbone set
What says "glamour" more than silk?
Gold wedding dress
Gold dresses


If you lust lust after something with sparkle, then this dress is perfect for you! In true Bombshell form, this dress shines elegance, confidence, and a perfect silhouette with no effort! You can look amazing in this dress, whilst also feeling utterly comfy. Why should you have to suffer to look incredible?  This gives you glamour all day and night. This is the perfect addition to your Bombshell collection! Treat yourself to this gorgeous piece for your winter wedding. You can look like pure Bombshell magic if you pair this with some delicate heels and subtle jewellery!

Black sequin wrap dress

Gold Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding 

Gold is a colour of elegance and beauty. It adds wealth and luxury to any item which makes it an amazing choice for a winter wedding. When you dress in gold, you don’t want to go too over the top, making you look shiny from head to toe. It’s all in the small details with the gold and this dress oozes class and sophistication!


Class & sophistication...check!

This dress speaks for itself. The gorgeous gold detailing makes this dress desirable to anyone and a top choice on a wishlist! The Gold GRACE Tie Front Shirt Dress is inspired by Grace Kelly and Dior dresses of the 50s, which is where the glamour comes from! It has gorgeous drama added to the skirt while maintaining a lovely silhouette shape on your figure and keeping your tummy flat, giving you that perfect, effortless body! The shimmer the gold gives off is not too much, just enough to sparkle your way through the night without taking the attention away from the bride and groom.

Gold Sequin wrap dress

Purple Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding 

The delicious and rich tones from a purple and violet dress is a total standout for any event in the dark, chilly and winter months. When I designed our Silk Dupion Bombshell Magnificent 'Grace' Tie Front Shirt Dress in violet it was with you in mind.  You know I love Hollywood chic and 50s-inspired fashion, so this Grace Tie dress has a built-in netted underskirt to give the added elegant volume and flare. I wanted to keep it streamlined yet add the drama, glamour and flare.
One of my favourite party dresses is our Velvet 'Edge of Shoulder' Dress (below), which comes in a beautiful purple, and oozes pure elegance.  This is a time Bombshell dress that has been designed with “give” in mind and is also machine washable. There's something enchanting about a winter wedding, and our luxurious stretch velvet designs are extremely comfortable as well as stylish, coming in just below the knee, and we've lined the dress for a smooth concealment. Hair up or down, beautiful shoes, and a fabulous coat will make you feel like a million dollars.

Wine and Berry Dresses to Wear for a Winter Wedding

Perfect for a winter wedding

Well, red wine is of course a perfect accompaniment to any winter wedding or event, but this wine I’m talking about is the luxurious rich wine colour when it comes to dresses. Whether you think of it as burgundy or dark red,  the hues of the wine red colours, either in velvet or silk, are simply perfect for special occasions this winter. Below is a design that shows off your figure, and enhances it with clever designs. It’s the Bombshell Wine Velvet Off-the-Shoulder Flare Dress. It is super seductive, and comfortable and you’ll definitely look like the bell of the ball with this. And, yes, it has been designed for a larger bust, making it ideal for wearing with a bra.

If you’re more of a trouser and top stylish Bombshell, then our absolutely gorgeous Wine Velvet Top with Angel Sleeves (below) will be perfect for you. Match it with our range of pants and you have a winning chic combination.

This elegant wine coloured top is mid-weight, with stretch velvet and chiffon sleeves designed to hide those naughty areas many of us ladies are a little shy with. Our trousers are designed to complement our tops so I’d recommend the Palazzo Pant in Black Sequin for a truly special event such as a winter wedding. Continue reading if you want to wear black to a winter event!

Wine colour dresses

Black Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Sometimes all you need is a bit of black to create the perfect outfit. If standing out with a pop of colour isn’t for you then simply wearing a black outfit will leave you looking and feeling incredible and fit for a winter wedding.

Black is a great choice when you want to look elegant but not too “out there”. 

This beautiful Confident dress in our 5th Avenue Print is an elegant and classic choice. This dress has been designed to make you look and feel amazing. With its mid-weight fabric, it transcends seasons beautifully. You can team it with our black moss crepe occasion coat and a contrasting hat for a new twist on a beautiful wedding outfit.

Is this not the perfect outfit to wear to a winter wedding?

Another fantastic piece to wear to a winter wedding! The New Black Confident Bombshell Cap Sleeve Dress is a wardrobe essential as it will create that dream figure you have always wanted! This is your secret weapon for concealing lumps and bumps and providing an instant tummy tuck to give you a beautiful silhouette. This dress was created to make you look and feel amazing, and it is extremely versatile! There are so many places that you can wear this gorgeous dress, with its mid-weight fabric it transcends seasons beautifully.

Whatever colour you pick to wear to a winter wedding, make sure that it stays away from the classic summer look, wearing more nude colours with a darker undertone to scream winter wedding.  I’d love to see your photos of your winter wedding parties and frocks!

Katya x


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