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      Bombshell Journal — unusual mother of the bride dresses

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      What should the mother of the bride wear?

      What should the mother of the bride wear?

      Traditionally, the mother of the bride was supposed to wear a pale or washed-out coloured dress. Whereas this may be your preferred style, not all MOBs are fans of this look, thank goodness that expectation is now a thing of the past! Bombshells need to shine!  Finding the ideal dress and having fun when shopping for wedding dresses isn't only for the bride. You, too, as the mother of the bride, must pick the appropriate attire! With so many options available, it might feel overwhelming to make a decision!

      I've put together a Bombshell guide to help you decide what to wear as Mother of the Bride, along with tons of useful ideas and suggestions on how to look your best on your daughter's wedding day!

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