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      Bombshell Journal — dresses for big boobs

      Wedding Planning Countdown with Bombshell HQ

      Wedding Planning Countdown with Bombshell HQ

      Wedding Planning Countdown with Bombshell HQ...

      Whether you are the bride or mother of the bride, planning a wedding is such an exciting time, but can be fraught with anxiety and various hurdles. Here are Bombshell HQ’s top tips on the countdown for planning a wedding!

      Timescales when Planning a Wedding 

      Who doesn’t love a wedding? Getting all dressed up and spending time celebrating positivity and love. Having worked in the wonderful world of weddings and special occasion events, for many years we have all our knowledge of planning wrapped up in this blog to help guide you. 

      Two of fun facts for you:  

      Did you know the average time from engagement to the special day is between 12 and 18 months?  

      Did you know that the majority of proposals happen at Christmas?  With July and August second in the run up!  40% of couples categorised wedding planning as “extremely stressful”.  

      Yes we chuckled at this too! A slight understatement! There was a survey taken out in which 53% of couples said their parents are the biggest stressors. Shock horror! It’s hard however, if you are the Mother of the Bride, and may also be paying towards the event and would desperately love to help. This is where we recommend the whole family communicate effectively with each other, because it will ease the pressure and stresses, allowing time spent for focus on research, fun and buying those gorgeous dresses and matching accessories!   Let’s focus on these popular seasonal weddings because depending on when the special occasion is, there will be requirements specifically to planning and thinking ahead when it comes to style, stock, and colours.

      “You need to remember the wedding is about you and your future husband, and the life you are starting.”  

      Kelly Dellinger - Wedding Planner


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      Summer or Winter Wedding...

      The wedding day has been set and the excitement begins!

      When to buy a dress..

      Let’s help give you an example of when you should buy your dress and outfit. 

      If the wedding is in May 2022, then you should be looking at buying your dress THIS summer.  

      Why? Because by next Spring you won’t have all the choices for dresses you’d love because not all the spring and summer stock arrives in time into shops. 

      The problem that we also find can come up is that the Mother of the Bride traditionally gets to choose her colour first after the bride has chosen the bridesmaid colours. So there can be a delay of knowing which colour you can choose….yes, this is where the stress can start to build.

      Dresses to give you the confidence to look and feel amazing on the special day...

      Edge of shoulder confident, £249

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      Navy Rose confident, £249

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      edge of shoulder confident, £249

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      Dieting for a Special Occasion

      "Well let's face it, we’ve all been there haven’t we?"

      A celebration is announced, it seems a distance in the future, but comes around quicker than we thought and realise that we’d like to lose a few pounds before we slip into our gorgeous outfit. At Bombshell HQ we have been designing and fitting occasion dresses and working with our wonderful clients for many years, and so have a sure fast understanding of what and when you could be thinking about dress fittings and any dieting.

      Three Month Rule 

      12 weeks or a rounded three months is the timescale we recommend when it comes to thinking about any diet.  Three months means you are not crash dieting but working your diet into a healthy routine. If and only if, you are going on a diet, please bear in mind your dress size and what can be altered! For the record - we as you know are pretty anti dieting! We embrace voluptuous forms. For example, if you are looking to lose a little weight, maybe think about 4 pounds a month, which is realistic without changing your body drastically. Think about it, you have bought the most exquisite dress and it was tailored but now it doesn’t fit properly. Not a great scenario, therefore here is where Bombshell parachute in with advice! Let’s talk about the Golden Rule here….


      Always buy a dress that fits you, but one that can be tailored to your size. Never buy a dress “thinking” you might fit into it next year. That’s the trick and it works time and time again.  However, be prepared that a great dress maker will not be able to adjust the dress size more than TWO sizes. Problems can arise on the shoulder line. Waist and hips are usually fine to go down more. 


      The Order of Buying the Entire Outfit  

       The questions below are ones that are asked of us all the time and so appreciate that the order of purchases sometimes causes anxiety in the wedding planning conversation!   “What should I buy first, the hat or the dress? The shoes or the dress? The hat or the shoes?”    To answer simply buy a wedding outfit in this order:   

      Dress - Hat - Shoes - Accessories   

      Your chosen dress style and colour will impact the whole outfit, and it can be very limiting to build choices around a hat or a favourite coat - not impossible but definitely limiting!  We’ll touch upon colour palettes later in the post, but as a rule of thumb, before you choose any of your outfit, check in with the Bride because the last thing you must do is colour clash or  throw a spontaneous style bomb into the equation, let us spare the blushing bride on her special day!   

      So you know, when it comes to coats and shrugs - Bombshell HQ is excited to be launching a loose fit duster style jacket and a fitted dress length jacket. Perfect to complement a Bombshell dress and take your look from classical formal feeling of the precious day to the evening of the party.   

      Choosing the Right Colour Palette...

      Reminder of hierarchy... ...when it comes to colour decisions: Bride chooses Bridesmaids colours Then Mother of the Bride, and last, but by not least, the Mother of the Groom.

      Do you have a colour palette that the Bride has chosen?   

      This has to be factored into the choice of dress because colours are so important on the day, cascading down from the Bride’s wedding dress and shade of her dress; then to the Bridesmaids’ dresses; thereafter the proud Mother of the Bride and then onto the wonderful Mother of the Groom. 

      Wedding protocol and etiquette is super important when it comes to colours, which is why we suggest having a conversation with the family to ensure that everyone adheres to the colour palette. It makes life so much easier and takes out the stress of worrying if your choice will complement the theme of the day.

      Can You Ever Wear Black to a Wedding? 

      As women we often head straight to our comfort zones and opt for the black cocktail dress don’t we? The question here is however, can black be worn at a wedding? Elaine Swann is a wedding etiquette expert and the founder of The Swann School of Protocol, and says: 

      “....while black dresses and gowns are perfectly acceptable for most formal weddings, you might want to consider another hue if you've been invited to noontime nuptials or a casual, seaside ceremony.”

      We have also seen an American “look” trending, where the wedding party are in black cocktail dresses, with the mothers in long black sequinned gowns.

      How to Dress for a Big Bust

      How to Dress for a Big Bust

      Dressing for a big bust or a larger cup size doesn't need to be frustrating...

      As a woman with an H cup I know the trouble dressing for a larger bust can bring. Let’s face it - it can be hard enough finding a bra to fit - let alone a dress. 

      Designing dresses that work on my own figure is one of the fundamental reasons that sets Bombshell apart from other brands. The dresses have to not only fit a big bust but to look sensational. Combining the factors of not being revealing and allowing enough lift and décolletage to look incredible. I guess if I had a smaller higher bust Bombshell dresses wouldn’t work as well as they do on many, many other women. In fact even our dummies have lower bust lines. Which... how shall I put it….reflects the science of gravity! Whether it's which is the best neckline, the length of the sleeve (yes this really makes all the difference), creating a longer torso (larger busts means being shorter waisted), we have all your questions answered!  Women's fashion that flatters a big bust starts by using flattering necklines, V necks including the Deep V to the Edge of Off the Shoulder to the gorgeous Faux Wrap style is our uniqueness.  Even our blouses and shirt dresses are sculpted to not only lift the bust but to incorporate concealed plackets (that’s the bit where the buttons are down the front). To make sure there is zero gaping.  Women designing for women - we really think our styles go the extra mile in complementing gorgeous curves.

      "The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress." 

      Hubert de Givenchy










      What do you usually wear..

      ...when you're out and about in the day time or for evenings when there's a chance to glam up?  Often the most simple of palazzo pants or chinos can be matched with beautifully cut tops for the larger bust. Once you know the type of trouser to style with the right top, it's deciding if you'd like a longer tunic style or tucked in at the waist top. Every woman deserves to show off her assets and whether you're a pear shape, hourglass, diamond or apple, there's going to be a style that is perfect for you. Today we are concentrating on styles for big busts. This doesn't mean to say that your hips are smaller, many of us having a classic full bosom but are larger in the hip. Do you have narrow shoulders or a stronger frame?  A big bottom or a flat bottom? The dreaded, but very common, menopausal tummy or are you one of the lucky ones with a toned six pack?  Every single one of you reading this will have a few styles that make you feel feminine, comfortable and stylish.

      dresses to give you the confidence to look and feel amazing

      Edge of shoulder confident, £249

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      Navy Rose confident, £249

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      edge of shoulder confident, £249

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      the classic confident dress

      "Beautifully cut and perfect for larger busts"

      Let's look at a few of our dress styles to give you an example: Our gorgeous navy, below the knee Confident dress has a v neck owing to the timeless faux wrap fit. It's a 3/4 length sleeve, therefore elongating the shoulder and also sleeves that finish past the bust point work better as you look well - less wide.  As a matter of fact this dress is also great for the smaller bust too as wearing a good bra can emphasise this area, often it's all in the underwear. Many bombshell customers who have had a mastectomy have opted for this dress as they are able to wear a prosthetic as the Confident can be worn with a higher cross over point.

      sweetheart top

      Our Sweetheart top is a wardrobe must for those with a big bust, with its stretchy and flattening fabric, it hugs the body just in the right places. The quality of the material is high, so those of you currently going through the "flush" of your life, will feel absolutely comfortable. We've chosen a subtle black one here but if you are looking for some gorgeous colouring to add to black trousers, then we have a range of Sweetheart Tops in dark green, red and a burnt rusty tobacco - all delicious. It’s almost like a portrait frame neckline. Really elegant but not too revealing. Joan Collins is often seen wearing a sweetheart neckline as it showcases the face and avoids and crepe cleavages.

      These tops are incredible....thank you  — Sophie 54, size 14

      What neckline is best for a large bust?

       Necklines are dependent on a few factors, such as your neck, your shoulders, and your arms but we often get stuck in assuming there's only one style for us. Not so! Our styles are based on your feedback! customers playing around with styles they never felt they would ever wear, and to see their feminine body Knowing your face shape for your best neckline style can help with your bust size, big or small.  Do you know your face shape and your jaw line? Stand up straight and look in the mirror, pull your hair back and look at your jawline from the bottom of your ear lobes. It's found that the jawline should often reflect the neckline shape, so it is worth taking time to really understand your shape, and not just your body.  Our bodies change through time and embracing the changes (and that means adapting to them rather than battling against them) means you can dress in clothes and are comfortable yet luxurious.

      V Neck Tops and Dresses for a Smaller Bust Illusion ...

       Our range of dresses, blouses and blouses offering v necks in a range of sizes, styles, fabrics and colours are perfect flattering designs for women. These are so loved we designed more! Short or wide neck If you have a high waist or a short or wide neck with a short décolleté and big bust you should stay clear of any bulk and volume in these areas. Instead work with what you have - a good cleavage - and keep the focus there. This is perfect for you!

      V Neck Tops and Dresses for a Smaller Bust Illusion...  

      Our range of dresses, blouses and blouses offering v necks in a range of sizes, styles, fabrics and colours are perfect flattering designs for women. These are so loved we designed more! Short or wide neck If you have a high waist or a short or wide neck with a short décolleté and big bust you should stay clear of any bulk and volume in these areas. Instead work with what you have - a good cleavage - and keep the focus there. This is perfect for you!

      Tall or slim neck?

      If you have a tall or slim neck you can wear collars, but don't wear them buttoned up otherwise you'll look matronly!  We have designed an essential top for a big bust, it's just beautiful and it comes with a detachable scarf. Beautiful paired up with chunky bracelets. You can choose a white one too - just stunning and extremely versatile to flatten the tummy and give you a waist.

      Our shirts are really perfect for larger busts as they are designed to sculpt your curves. Something of an absolute rarity. Plus of course with clever designs there no gaping as the buttons are safely hidden. Gaping buttons and squashed busts are the main problem with many shirts - we have eradicated this issue.

      They make one feel feminine, sexy, smart and chic all in one."


      One of our best sellers which is due to come range of colours, is the classic, below the knee, no collar  "Bell Sleeve Wrap Dress". Match it with our super comfy and instantly clinched at the waist shapewear that flattens your tummy at the same time. Bombshell HQ's Limited Edition wrap dress really works for a full bust, or If you are a different size on the top . Online Style Chat You, our customer, means the world to us, and the whole team at Bombshell HQ  love designing clothes that make other women feel beautiful. "Apart from an uplifted bust a Bombshell dress gives one a waist, they smooth over the lumps and bumps covering all the bits that you don’t want to show off.  Why not call us to talk through your requirements and body shape so we can match up the very best of the Bombshell HQ style to complement your figure, colouring and personality. 

       Katya x