Style Has No Age - And That’s a Fact!

Style has no age - and that's a fact! - Bombshell London

Stylish at All Ages...

Shopping for your shape

Meet Linda

Bombshell Linda loves her Bombshell dresses and plans to wear this classic velvet dress on Christmas Day.   

No matter what your plans are on the big day - make it a Bombshell Christmas.    

Feel great. Choose Bombshell 

Linda wears the Bright Red "edge of the shoulder" velvet dress - £159 size 8 - 22 

Luxurious stretch velvet is a dream to wear, whilst the carefully designed shape flatters your curves.


Elegant and timeless fashion designs stand the test of time


Clothes thoughtfully designed and made with skill and care that really flatter your body - that’s what we’re about. Our bodies as we know change shape and evolve over time. Wider waistlines, looser skin, and lower breasts are all part of these changes.


"Did you know our Bombshell tailors dummy has been specially designed with a lower set bust-line and a non-flat as an ironing board tummy"

This authenticity runs through every aspect of the design process and in my mid 40’s, my peri menopausal body shape has begun to change. Bombshell’s styles have always championed sleeves, sarong skirts and tummy-concealing gathers. We understand that comfort and confidence are intrinsically linked. We have many customers with menopause body changes in mind when choosing a dress for an occasion or everyday wear. We tend to favour cotton-based or silk fabrics that offer a level of breathability or linings that are made of soft-to-the-touch cool cotton jerseys.


What Our Bombshells Are Saying...

"my waist seems to have thickened during menopause, but my black Confident Dress really helps creates a waist."

- Linda, Cardiff -

"I get hot flushes and wearing a natural breathable fabric like my silk dupion Grace Dress really helps "

 - Marie, Newcastle -

Timeless Fashion Pieces - Breathable Fabric

Emerald Grace Dress, £529


Navy Polka Grace, £249


Bright Blue stretch Luxe, £159




...and the menopausal body. Whilst working as a television costume designer, I really learnt a thing or two about shapewear. It’s come a long way since the ‘roll down’ uncomfortable pieces of the 90’s. Gigantic holes in crotches, thighs bulging over the tops of cycling shorts. Ridged unbreathable fabric. Not to mention how hot and uncomfortable they are. These days shapewear is lighter in weight, cooler and more intelligently cut – incorporating more strategically placed seams.  

"These create shape rather than literally just squashing you in! "

We have a special curation of the best of shapewear. From everyday shape wear knickers to conceal the little bulge around the tummy button area to dramatic waist-cinchers. We’ve picked the best of the best – tried, tested and guaranteed to have you feeling and looking your best.



Katya’s Shapewear Favourites

Wider than you'd like to be in the middle? Hourglass Waist Shaper Level One Cinch 


Wider than you'd like to be in the middle?Hourglass Waist Shaper Level Two Cinch


Instantly Slimmer Nipping Body Shaper Nude Level Three/Smooth & Flatten 






Meet our Bombshell Stars!

Who says you can't look and feel amazing at all ages? Please let me introduce you to some of our stunning customers. I think you will agree each and every one of them exudes style, sophistication and glamour.

Love Katya xx


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