Outlander-Inspired Outfits

Outlander-Inspired Outfits For Classic British Made Sustainable Fashion

Dressing for the country differs greatly from dressing for the city. I adore the classic country clothing of tartans and tweed so that I can feel fantastic when I alter my city style and embrace that classic country fashion. I have designed many pieces to suit this classic style, providing you with must-have wardrobe pieces that will make you look like you have just stepped out of an episode of Outlander.

Creating forever pieces…. that’s really what Bombshell is all about. We pride ourselves on our skilled workmanship and favour traditional techniques. Every piece from Bombshell is designed and made with you in mind. We are always thinking about what would make you look and feel the best, and that is what we create. We put you at the heart of everything and our classic country pieces are no different.

I have always loved the classic country colour palette of greens, greys, browns and taupes and adore using British spun cloth with its rich heritage. And although this style has been around for many years, it’s only just becoming more and more popular, turning from country chic to trendy fashion! With the help of a series like “Outlander”, tartans and all things tweed is going to be the next must-wear style! And I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Outlander Style

How To Wear It!



After watching Outlander, a series where, Claire, a 1940’s army nurse, finds herself after the war having a second honeymoon with Frank, her Oxford don husband. Through a series of events, we see Claire fall through time by touching a stone in an ancient stone circle called Craigh na Dun. Claire is picked up by a clan of Jacobites just prior to the infamous Battle of Culloden. Enter Jamie - the red-haired muscle-bound younger man who she falls in love with. The show takes them from Scotland to Versailles to the Americas. The costumes are wonderful, and I was so inspired that "I ended up planning a trip to Scotland on the Caledonian Sleeper train and launched an entire collection based on their magnificent outfits".


Look how beautiful these costumes are and imagine how elegant you would look in them when some Bombshell magic has been used!

The Bombshell Heritage Collection



I began to wonder what if I applied some Bombshell magic to a Heritage Collection. A collection made right here in our London factory using fabrics made in Britain. Incorporating the classic designs, you see in Outlander with our Bombshell magic to create the perfect collection. I have always loved the Lochcarron Tartans and Abraham Moon, as well as Mallalieus Tweeds. There’s something deeply satisfying in being able to make a proactive choice to create a British-made product. There was nothing more graceful than Lady Mary's side saddle riding habit during Downton Abbey as she tore through the fields, using a type of equestrianism that uses a different saddle than used by horses to allow a rider to sit aside rather than astride the animal. This habit was developed in Europe during the Middle Ages as a way for women to ride a horse in a modest manner while wearing a skirt. It is a technique used for riders to wear gorgeous clothing, whilst also being safe when riding, and looking elegant while doing it. Country style isn’t just full skirts and gowns. Tweed jackets and culottes are staple items when trying to get that classic look. So many lovely outfits have been put together throughout shows like Downton Abbey and Outlander that scream classy country fashion!

The issue I have always encountered with country attire is that it never seems to fit my curves the way my Bombshell dresses do. I found that the tailoring never really considers a larger bust or has any consideration for different shapes of bodies. Although I love the style, I can never feel as confident in country attire as I do in my Bombshells.





Tummy concealing dress

Classic Timeless Pieces…





Baird Tartan Range




Tartan dress



When I started designing this collection, I was wondering what magic would happen if I applied my Bombshell techniques with a Heritage Collection. Made right here in our London factory with fabric made in Britain. Taking inspiration from Abraham Moon and Mallalieus Tweeds I wanted to make something that would look gorgeous like classic country attire, but actually suit bodies that are similar to mine. Outlander fuelled my passion for tartans and to launch the range, I decided to use Gordon Weathered Tartan which is similar to the Fraser tartan worn by Jamie in Outlander. The muted soft sage tones felt so right for the tempo I wanted to create. After looking through many swatches of the thousands of tartans that exist, I chose Baird - a navy tartan with a pinkish stripe through. A gorgeous tartan that I knew would be perfect for my next Bombshell design. Now that I had my cloth sorted, it was time to get creative.



Grace dress
Tie front dress

Hourglass Jacket

Bombshell Hourglass Jacket

What if there was a totally divine jacket in the collection that sat widely on the neck creating a V-shaped neckline, that wrapped and swathed over the body just like a Bombshell dress? What if the back was a bit fluted creating a va va voom silhouette? I decided to make this style in both black velvet and tartan with a choice of skirts, from wrapped pencil to our iconic Explorer midi skirt. This jacket is perfect to wear in the evening, and is amazing at showcasing your waist by sitting right at the hips. 

Can you believe that you can have so much glamour in one piece of clothing?



This must-have jacket is made in Abraham Moon, which is one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in Great Britain. They make the highest quality fabric that is gorgeous on the skin and with the Bombshell design, it is an unforgettable piece.

Here’s a shot of me in August just as we made the first sample of this amazing jacket. I must say I felt very much like the Lady of the Manor at Fonab Castle near Pitlochry.  I wore this tweed jacket with its coordinating draped faux sarong pencil skirt many times whilst travelling between locations and really enjoyed wearing Cornelia James gloves. You can feel this glorious as well with the new collection. This jacket has a seam under the lapel which helps to widen your necklace, showing the flattering décolletage. This jacket gives even the most apple shapes a stunning waist, whilst also making you feel like the Lady of the Manor.

Red dress
Little black dress
Confident dress

Explorer Waistcoat & Skirt



The Midi skirt is as flattering as can be whilst being incredibly comfortable, giving you all of the usual luxury that you receive from our Bombshell designs. It folds in which creates a column shape, as well as having two buttons to fasten in the skirt. You will not be disappointed with how this skirt has been designed as it leaves the hips at the perfect place to balance your body giving you an effortless hourglass look.  

You can select from black velvet or tweed to tartan skirts. 

Both of these styles can be paired with a jacket, shirt, or waistcoat. It is so versatile that you will never get bored with all the different combinations you can wear it, plus you will have it nuzzled safely in your wardrobe for many years to come. I personally love this outfit paired with Victorian boots to show off your full love for country attire! When I was designing this skirt, I kept in mind the side saddle riding habit in order to keep the pieces as authentic as possible. I knew I wanted to create an elegant collection incorporating the comfort of a Bombshell design, whilst making sure you could comfortably get on a horse and ride through the fields at your leisure, embracing the Lady Mary lifestyle.

The explorer waistcoat gives you an hourglass in an instant and it is truly magical! After the runaway success of our Peaky Blinders waist-coast, we have decided to give you the option of tartan, tweed and velvet to complement our Heritage separates. This waistcoat is one of the most flattering pieces that you could own, and it will make you look like you have come straight out of Downton Abbey. Are you the next Lady of the Manor?  You can pair this waistcoat with a gorgeous blouse or even a classic jersey top, it is perfect for casual events, yet it adds a smart vintage look. You can even coordinate it with our wide-leg trousers for a show-stopping outfit. The three-button front fastening is ideal for the sophisticated look and of course, we had to add pockets to make it practical while still maintaining its classic shape.

The Pencil Skirt...

This is the ultimate pencil skirt which hides all your lumps and bumps that you don’t want seen! Its draped front helps to cover your tummy and keep it from popping out. This is such an elegant piece that flows past the knee and compliments your shape beautifully.  You can pair this skirt with pretty much anything and it will give you a classy, elegant and gorgeous style, whilst making you feel confident! It is best worn with a blouse or a jacket, even a cashmere jumper would look extraordinarily stylish with this glamorous pencil skirt. It is so versatile that you can wear it to work, casual events or just about anywhere! 

The Edge of the Shoulder Dress





Our Edge of the Shoulder dress is a wardrobe essential!  It has been created with pure Bombshell magic and is flattering even with a bra! This dress offers a stunning wide neckline without compromising the comfort and confidence of a bra requirement. The bodice that is faux-wrapped, is super flattering and the skirt leaves the hips at just the right place and doesn’t protect too much.

If you have watched Outlander, then you are probably familiar with Jamie's print house location, Bakehouse Court. When I visited it, it was a very romantic location., I felt like I was part of the series wearing my gorgeous Edge of the Shoulder dress in this location! I love it even more because of how the skirt has been designed. It skims the tummy and lifts the bust making it incredibly flattering for all sizes, especially larger body sizes as there is tummy alchemy.

Donna our model is wearing a dupion silk red dress based on the one Claire Fraser wore in Outlander when she went to Versailles. Image of Donna in dress When I was dreaming of my trip to Scotland and immersing myself in the wonderful world of tartan, clans, and tweeds and filling my eyes with images of lochs and glens I knew I had to create this dress. It also marked the end of lockdown and a massive expression about how I feel about clothes as well as how I had a deep primal urge to relay this to the world by creating a fantastic red silk dupion dress for my friend and Scot, Donna. So, when I took it to Scotland on the trip and saw it in situ, I really felt a sense of peace. Incidentally, there were many, many midges and we all got bitten to death, but this dress is so gorgeous and glamorous that I almost wasn’t too bothered about the bites! Thank you, Bombshells, for your love of our designs, and look forward to meeting you soon!

Love Katya x


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