Mother of the Bride Duties, Expectations and Etiquette

Bombshell’s Step by Step Guide for the Duties of the Mother of the Bride


The time has come… your little girl is getting married! Your daughter's engagement is one of the happiest moments in her life. Simply knowing how happy and in love she is, is enough to make your heart burst with joy. Some mums have been planning this day for years, whilst others prefer to sit back and let the excitement bloom. Every mother wants their daughter to have the perfect wedding day, and no matter how involved you want to be in the entire process, you will always have some duties as Mother of the Bride.


Wedding preparation is stressful, and your daughter looks to you for guidance and a shoulder to cry on when things get too much...

As a mum you are always going to be there for her, this doesn't mean it is going to be easy on you though! Don’t worry, as well as creating the perfect dress for this occasion, Bombshell’s step-by-step guide for the duties of the Mother of the Bride is here to walk you through everything!





Navy Roses

Starring our very own Bombshell Stars!

Mother of the Bride Duties Before the Wedding


Wedding planning essentially begins the moment you learn of the engagement. There is so much to do before the big day, and with your daughter overflowing with excitement, it is your role to make sure that these things are completed. 

Here we go Bombshells...

Set up a meeting between the two families. At this point in the relationship, both families may have met previously. However, now that your daughter's relationship has progressed to the next level, it is critical that the 'in-laws' get to know each other better.

Traditionally, the bride's family pays for the entire wedding, although most couples today expect to pay for their special day alone. Meeting with both families is an ideal opportunity for anybody to offer financial support so that the couple can include it in their budget plans. It is also a lovely way to celebrate the engagement and it takes the pressure off your daughter to arrange a meeting.


Help Source Wedding Venues


The bride may have difficulty selecting the ideal wedding venue. She may have many ideas, but she is putting too much pressure on herself to find a location that meets all of her expectations. You will be one of her first lines of contact for venue assistance, and this is your chance to alleviate some of her anxiety before the big day.


Visiting places with her and debating each option will be a wonderful opportunity for you two to connect and identify that special place that will be the ideal wedding location.


Guest list gathering and tracking

It is common for the bride to experience a lot of anxiety when trying to remember everyone she wants to put on the guest list. You can help with this and if the list appears too long at the end then you can help cut it down. This can seem like an impossible task for the bride but sometimes it has to be done to meet the requirements of the venue. Also, getting people’s RSVPs back is a slow process sometimes and you can be the one to give a nudge to those the bride is awaiting a response from.

Accompany the Bride for the All-Important Bridal Dress Shopping

Time to shop! Shopping for new dresses is a crucial part of the wedding process! It is full of fun, laughter, and a chance for you to meet the bridal party. Your daughter is going to want your honest opinion on the dresses that she is trying on and needs you to be with her when she makes her final decision.

Silk dress

Shop for the Mother of the Bride’s Dress


Not only do you need to help decide on the bride’s dress, but you also need to think about what it is that you are going to wear. You are the Mother of the Bride after all! Here are just a couple of our dresses that will make any Mother of the Bride feel gorgeous.


Structured red dress

This stunning Emerald green silk dress is the perfect option to wear on your daughter’s big day. This dress will give you a striking silhouette that I have designed to make you look and feel amazing! You will be moving around a lot at the wedding, so you need a dress that's both comfortable and easy to move in. This dress is perfect! The material is 100% silk giving you a super soft dress that feels so good on the skin, gently creating that gorgeous hourglass shape! If green isn’t your colour or doesn’t match the wedding theme, this next dress will blow you away!

Gold Grace Tie Front Shirt Dress

The most flattering dress you will ever own! This elegant dress leaves the hips in the perfect place giving your body a flawless hourglass figure! I wanted to keep it simple while still adding drama, glamour, and flare, and I succeeded! This is an excellent choice for your Mother of the Bride duties!

Gold 50's dress

Help With Guest Dinner Table Seating


Finding a place for everyone to sit is a complicated job. You will know better than anyone who can sit next to who and which family members need to stay on the other side of the room! Help out your daughter where you can with the table seating and make sure to give yourself a great place!


Offer Family Heirlooms “Something Old”

A wedding is a great time to pass down any family heirlooms. It will mean so much to the bride to receive something from their mum just before their special day and a family heirloom is the perfect gift. Is there a necklace that has been passed down? Or maybe even a ring she can wear around her neck to wish her luck on her big day.

Mother of the Bride Duties on the Wedding Day

The day has arrived and your daughter will be raring to go and fuelled by adrenaline (probably Bucks Fizz!) and with nerves afoot, your daughter is  going to need you more than ever right now! Check in on her and see if you can help her get over any last-minute nerves before she walks down the aisle. This is your chance to assist her in getting into her wedding dress and making any necessary alterations.    

Supplier Contact

Take the stress off the bride and sort out the suppliers. If someone is running late then you should be the one to reach out to them to see what the holdup is. If there are any issues then you need to sort them out to take pressure off the bride. You are the face of calm! 

Be sure to get all of the contact details of the suppliers before the wedding so it is easy to get in touch with them.

Church, Synagogue, or Registry Office Do’s and Dont’s

Try and make the reception as stress-free as you possibly can for your daughter. Remind her how much she is loved but don’t take up too much of her time when she has other things to think about. If the father of the bride isn’t walking her down the aisle then it is your time to escort her. 

If you are having a Jewish wedding then it is tradition for both parents to walk the bride, so make sure the father is also ready so there are no delays. Wherever the nuptials will be said and legalised, know the venue’s rules and regulations, and of course the etiquette.


At the Reception


Mother of the Bride Reception and Evening Dress


Remember to take a change of clothes for the evening so you are looking your best for the reception. 



Luxury Sequin Bombshell Gown

This is a dress that will give you glamour all night long! If the wedding is in autumn or winter then this dress is perfect for you! It has gorgeous lux sequins covering the dress with a soft lining that will make your skin feel amazing. You will look absolutely stunning and ready to dance the night away at your daughter’s reception. 

Liberty Toucan Hide ‘Confident’ Cap Sleeve Dress

Is the wedding in spring or summer? I have designed a dress that will not only be flattering to your body, but will make you feel amazing and so comfortable! This dress is a wardrobe essential and exactly what you need to end the night at your daughter’s wedding!

Work the room 

Be the hostess with the mostest! You will have the role of greeting guests at the ceremony and reception, and for anyone that needs assistance. You are the person they come to! If you can, make sure everyone has a place to stay so there is no one left stranded at the end of the night! 


The Most Important Thing…

You must be present for your daughter and remind her how much she is loved. Remember to have fun too! It isn’t all about organising the event, you actually need to be present for it and enjoy your daughter getting married. Good luck with your Mother of the Bride Duties! Our door is always open if you’d like a style fitting because if you feel a million dollars in your dress, you will exude confidence and your daughter will feel totally at ease! 

Love Katya xx


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