How to Pick the Best Evening Gowns

Whether you’re attending a formal event or just want to feel like royalty, having the perfect evening gown is essential. With so many different styles, cuts, and colours available, it can be difficult to pick the ideal evening gown. Luckily, we have some tips to help you pick the best evening gowns so that you can look and feel gorgeous.   

Consider The Weather  

It’s important to consider the weather when choosing formal gowns. If you’re attending an outdoor or summer event, you can expect warmer weather. You might not be the most comfortable outdoors wearing a floor-length formal evening gown with sleeves. Consider choosing a shorter dress or sleeveless gown instead.    

If you are attending a spring event or an indoor event, you can dress for cooler weather. Longer or midi-length dresses and evening gowns with sleeves are perfectly designed for indoor events such as dinner parties or cocktail hour.  

Just because you are considering the weather, you don’t have to compromise on glamour! Our ultimate gold sequin gown in stretch fabric and our secret formula lining, is shockingly comfortable, and flatters your curves by lifting and sculpting your figure.  

Our ultimate gold sequin gown

Not sure about the weather? Spring can be unpredictable, but if it rains or you find yourself in colder weather, you can always pair your dress with a beautiful wrap. We have a lovely range of scarves, wraps, and coats that will match any evening gown you choose.  

Fit Your Evening Gown to Your Body Type 

Once you decide on the length of the dress, think about the style and cut that will flatter your body shape. For example, an A-line silhouette often looks great on petite figures, while an off-the-shoulder neckline works well for curvier figures. Consider adding shapewear that will help to highlight your figure and curves.  

Our Velvet “Edge of the Shoulder” dress has both a softly flared skirt and an off the shoulder neckline - a wonderfully comfortable and flattering dress that suits women of all shapes and sizes. 

Fit Your Evening Gown to Your Body Type

It’s best to choose a clothing line that provides a range of sizes so you can choose the best fit for your body, such as the Bombshell London range. We also include shapewear for women of all sizes to help you look your best in your gown.   

Choose Classic Colours   

Colour selection is also an important consideration when choosing evening gowns. You want a colour that looks luxurious but also helps you stand out and look beautiful. For formal events, try classic shades like navy, black, and jewel. Colours such as white, and gold tend to work great for any occasion and are not so bright that they detract too much attention from your beautiful face. If you find yourself stuck between several options, don't hesitate to ask friends or family members which one they think looks best on you—they can help narrow down your selection.  

Try Sequins and Velvets   

Evening gowns come in many fabrics and elegant designs. Ideally, you want an evening gown that looks luxurious but also feels comfortable, because there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in an evening gown. Sequins and velvets are two popular choices that always look elegant but won’t weigh you down at an all-night affair.  

Sequin dresses don’t have to be black or champagne! Turn heads in coloured sequin gowns like our luxury evening gown, which is designed to be a comfortable fit for any indoor or outdoor event. 

Try Sequins and Velvets


If you find yourself wanting something a little different than an evening gown, consider formal jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are sophisticated enough for a formal event and comfortable enough for a casual dinner or night out.  

Find the Perfect Evening Gown at Bombshell London   

Turn heads and glow with Bombshell London’s range of evening gowns. Whether you need a long evening gown with sleeves or a casual evening gown with sequins, you can find the perfect fit and colour for any occasion by browsing our collection.  

Shop the most gorgeous evening gowns online at Bombshell London! 


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