How to Match Dress Colours and Shoes

What Shoes to Wear With Different Dress Styles and Colours


Let’s kick off with talking about the best combination for shoes and dresses!  Everyone knows the struggle of trying to match your gorgeous dress with the perfect shoes. Do you go for a vibrant colour or pattern? Or should you wear something more neutral?

Everyone should know the rules of matching their dress colours with their shoes...


So I have created this guide for all you Bombshells, so you don’t ever have to worry about hunting for that perfect look again. You need to consider what event or occasion you are going to as this will impact your overall outfit and will change the style of what you want to wear.  A lot of people focus more on the dress they wear and are oblivious to the impact of shoes, so it could all end up looking completely wrong and uncoordinated. Follow our expert tips so you can experience the bombshell magic with everything you wear!

Tips on How to Match Dress Colours With Shoes:

leopard dress



What colour shoes to wear with animal print dresses.

There are so many different types of animal print dresses and the ‘skin’ of each animal varies greatly, influencing which shoe you should wear.

Take this '10 Years Younger TV show' Leopard Bombshell 'For The Love of Pockets' Dress for example. The print is absolutely stunning but going for a cheetah print or even zebra stripes would call for different shoes because their colours and patterns are different. This dress is gorgeous and in true Bombshell style, it has been designed to flatten your stomach and give you a breath-taking figure. The length is midi which makes it a perfect choice to wear with sexy black pumps, heels, or even some gold sandals which will add to the elegance of this dress.  

Some people like to match animal print dresses with animal print shoes, but this seems too much and the outfit can seem too cluttered. Look for burnt orange heels or a nice pair of deep wine red, something a shade darker than your dress will be a creative choice if you want to avoid the simple black shoes and neutral colours when wearing an animal print dress.

Try to avoid wearing a heavy pattern on your heels because this can look too busy when paired with the dress. Stay simple on the shoes and let the dress do all the talking!

What Colour Dress to Wear With Gold Shoes? 

Gold shoes are known as the statement makers! With the rich, bold, elegant colour, you don’t want to wear a dress that will ruin that style. Gold shoes look great with dresses that are block colours that still hold the richness you are trying to create. Blue, red, and burgundy, are all great options to go for!


Class & sophistication...check!

Emerald green silk makes for a striking and elegant silhouette that would go beautifully with gold shoes. This outfit would be ideal for Christmas or summer, with the richness of the emerald green and gold creating a well-balanced look. This Emerald Green Silk Confident 3/4 Sleeve Dress is your secret weapon to make you look and feel amazing! It is such a versatile dress that can be worn for any occasion and you will still look magnificent!

Palm print dress

What Colour Shoes to Wear With a Red Dress


A red dress is a classic pick when wanting to look sexy and put together. It could be worn on a date, an evening event, or for a stunning holiday trip! A red dress makes a very bold statement, and you need your shoes to do the same!

A perfect choice of shoes for a red dress is the same for green as they are complementary colours. Imagine your gorgeous Bright Red Velvet Bombshell 3/4 Sleeve 'Stretch Luxe' Dress paired with some gold shoes. A dream outfit! But, you don’t have to go as bold on the shoe if you want your red dress to make the statement for you. To tone down the drama, pair this soft and stunning dress with some nude or beige shoes, which is a personal favorite of mine when wearing a look like this!

Structured red dress

What Colour Goes Well With Leopard Print Shoes

Perfect for a winter wedding


It can be one of the scariest things in fashion trying to figure out what to wear with leopard print shoes. They are so bold and make a statement so what dress colour should you wear? A top tip is to imagine the heels as a nude pair. This is essentially what they are, but with a pattern on them. When imagining them as this then it takes away some of the fear because it means they can be paired with pretty much any block colour! They look great with traditional autumn colours like browns, navy, olive green, and plum, but they also look great with a traditional black dress.


Our gorgeous Navy Moss Crepe Bombshell 3/4 Sleeve 'Confident' Dress would look utterly fabulous with some leopard print shoes which would make the perfect outfit for a race when paired with a nice hat, a perfect choice for Ascot!

If you want to keep things a little simpler, then grabbing your staple black dress from the wardrobe is all you need! This Black Grace Tie Front Shirt Dress is what many Bombshells reach for when wearing leopard print shoes because of how gorgeous the final look is! I designed this to make it extremely comfortable and versatile, without distancing it away from the glamour and drama. You can wear this dress on any occasion and when paired with leopard print shoes you will be unstoppable and ready for your event!

Navy Mother of the Groom
Black shirt dress
black satin dress

Multicoloured Fabrics


We all love a bit of multicoloured fabrics in our outfits;, it can really transform your look into something spectacular! Although they look fantastic, it can feel impossible to actually pair them with some shoes that go perfectly together.  I have a few secret tips for you Bombshells!

Our Dark Academia Roses Bombshell ¾ Sleeve Confident Dress is a perfect example of a multicoloured fabric dress. All of the gorgeous colours in this piece are stunning, but which colour should you use to match your shoes with? Well, a good tip is to take the most dominant colour and ignore the rest! It is easier to isolate one colour and use this as your inspiration for your shoes instead of worrying about all of the others!

In this dress, wearing some shoes that are a gorgeous red shade to match the stunning roses would be BEAUTIFUL!. A deep red would go well with this look, or even some nice black pumps or heels. Whichever colour you feel is the most dominant then you should go with that to influence your shoes.

Dressing With Metallic Colours

A bit of shine and a bit of shimmer is exactly what metallic colours can give you! Perfect for the evening do’s or even the holiday season! A lot of people usually struggle with what to wear with a metallic-coloured fabric, but there is no need to be! The best tip is to view the metallic colour as a neutral shade.

Metallics do not have to intimidate...

Take this gorgeous Gold dress I designed for example. At first glance, this Bell Sleeve Wrap Dress in Gold may appear intimidating. But what happens if you see the gold as a neutral shade? What if it is a light brown or a cream colour? It is much easier to pair it now isn’t it! With this dress, I'm wearing some gorgeous heels in a lovely mocha shade that go perfectly with this look. You can switch this round and apply it to metallic shoes too! Your dress doesn’t need to be the centre of attention if you want to give your shoes some spotlight!

There isn’t just one set colour to wear with another, there are lots of different variations of colours. Go with what you think looks good! As long as your outfit is balanced and compatible, then you are sorted with a gorgeous outfit! Fill your wardrobe with beautiful dresses and stunning shoes so you are always ready for that next event! Please contact us if you have any questions on how to match dress colours and shoes or which brands we know complement our Bombshell designs.

Have a wonderful Day Bombshells! 

 Love Katya x


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