How to Hide Your Menopausal Tummy and Widening Waistline

Red dress flattering style
A sarong dress is one of the most flattering styles for a curvy figure and helps disguise a menopausal tummy
Tummy hiding dress

Best Dresses to Hide Your Tummy!



We all will suffer to some degree when we are perimenopausal or full-on menopausal, but the reality of the midlife tummy is real! We understand feeling gorgeous in an outfit cannot be compromised by tummy changes, which is why we design with all women in mind. Here’s just one of our many dresses that are designed with you in mind! It is from our  Bombshell “Confident” range, and is a timeless outfit that our clients adore. Whether you’re looking for a dress for an occasion, such as being the fabulous Mother of the Bride, or you’re a wedding guest, or simply attending a party, this style will give you the boost you deserve!


I have made sure this design has the clever sarong feature built in, which is one of the most flattering shapes on a tummy.  Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel? Here’s one we did on How to dress for a bigger tummy - awesome tummy style hacks! I personally follow a few fabulous mentors who are trailblazers when it comes to talking about being 50-plus and gorgeous whilst putting up with menopausal changes! Meg Matthews is one of those contributors and I love the fact that she has chosen to use her status to help and support women going through this midlife hormonal change.

Let’s Talk About Shapewear for Confidence...


Menopausal body shape changes can often mean we want to relook at how we dress. The menopausal tummy widens (we often hear it called “thickening”) the waistline and generously spreads from the midriff up! Many women can find this very traumatic and are unwilling or un-ready to embrace this change. And that is absolutely OK! It's your body and your choice after all.

Here at Bombshell HQ, when we create our designs, we use a particularly loved mannequin. The mannequin actually has a little tummy, which is how we can perfect and work around our sought-after collections! We totally get being a woman, and working on a dummy with a realistic shape helps us combat any incorrect structures.  

Plus as a mid-40's designer and mother I understand how menopausal body changes can affect how we dress. I honestly do.

Depending on how you feel either in a day tea dress or an evening outfit, feeling chic and beautiful shouldn’t have to compromise your comfort. You may or may not use shapewear, but we know our customers love our own because they come in a variety of sizes and we advise which ones work with different dress styles! 


Shapewear is the starting block for tummy concealing and waist reduction, especially when it comes to occasion wear. Having, in a former life, been a TV and commercial stylist - I've tried and tested every brand under the sun and really know the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to shapewear. My Bombshell HQ curation really offers the best of the best. Whether it's an hourglass nipped-in dramatic waist reduction you're looking for, we have something for everyone. We even have different levels, tummy-smoothing via Cinch Three to tummy squeezing via Cinch One. The technology is out of this world, a total game changer in looks and comfort. Here’s our shapewear collection to give you an idea:


Sarong Draping Designs for a Bigger Tummy


Sarong draping is core to the Bombshell aesthetic. In the 1940s a famous designer by the name of Alfred Shaheen, began creating sarong dresses and working on textiles surrounding Polynesian and Malayan origins. The word “sarong” actually means “to cover'', which is apt when it comes to how we create our classic designs. Alfred Shaheen, was hugely influential when it came to fabrics, designs and textiles, often known as the man who invented the “Hawaiian Shirt”. 

These drape faux sarong dresses really launched the flattering aesthetic into the mainstream and 70 years on - it's been the starting block for many Bombshell designs. Look at some of our classic dresses with flattering sarong styles to see how subtle, yet clever this cut is.


Tummy concealing dress

Alfred Shaheen is one of Bombshell’s influencers for sarong draping dress designs which are perfect for a bloated tummy



This is a beautiful Navy and White Sarong Dress, with soft drapes across the tummy. The cut is so subtle no one would ever realise the work that’s gone into this design.

How We Design Dresses for the Classic Bloated Tummy

TUMMY... It doesn’t matter if we have had children or not, when we get to a certain age, our waists widen, we get squishy tummies, and have to keep a check on the ever-expanding midriffs. Styling for our tummies is our USP.  Bombshell HQ are women who design for women

BUSTS...our busts change over time too! Elasticity or lack of it, kicks in, our breasts can lower, or we suddenly become bigger and the already large bust gets even buxomer! How do we balance the bust change? We know that we need to elongate the torso and create space. We create illusions. A little bit of technical design talk here, but bust suppression darts mean we can sculpt around the bust, therefore creating more space between the bust and the bust waist.

Let’s Talk Openly About Menopause and Dress Accordingly

We are the architects of dress design and all the knowledge we impart above and pour into our work are key elements of what makes Bombshell a menopausal lady’s best friend. #letstalkaboutthetummy The menopause guide to tummy taming and not shaming! That’s my quote and I live by it!

Women's pinstripe three piece suit
Hourglass waist in an instant? The Bombshell waistcoat is magically cut to sculpt your shape. Skimming around the bust and kicking out over the hip even the most apple of shapes is instantly hourglass.
Tummy concealing peplum top

Dressing Tips to Hide a Menopausal Tummy


We find many of our Bombshells have a strong love of the vintage old Hollywood aesthetic and our waist-creating precision garments make you feel like you've stepped out of one of those movies..... and what's wrong with that! 

Top Tips: 

* Cotton fibres for many are a must, and our range of unlined Liberty Tana Lawn cotton dresses is perfect for keeping you cool. 

* Shapewear 

* Peplum detail  

* Sarong skirt with side drapes  

* Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, Our “Grace” dress or pocket dress both have concealing tie details

Take a look at our collection of dresses here or book an appointment at our London showroom and help us find the perfect dress to hide your menopausal tummy!


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