How to Dress for Your Body Type

How to dress for your body type can be a challenging feat as finding outfits that complement your figure is not always straightforward.

With magazines showcasing different styles and trends every week, it can be tiresome to try and find something that makes your body look as sensational as you are! You may have found some gorgeous pieces that look drop-dead gorgeous on you, but other items not so much. This all comes down to your body type. Once you learn how to dress for your body type, then you can build up your wardrobe with clothes you love to wear! Our Bombshell clothing has been designed entirely with you and your body shape in mind, giving you that flawless silhouette you have always dreamt about.



Bombshell clothing is synonymous with curves. When Nigella Lawson discovered the Bombshell dress, she swiftly purchased 12! To know how to dress for your body type, you need to know what your body type is. Are you a pear, apple, hourglass, athletic, or triangle? Yes, triangle! So many covet the hourglass, but you know our secret here at Bombshell? Well, the team and I create and design dresses, for whatever body shape you are and magically transform you. No matter what your body type is, you will find oodles of gorgeous styles that will make you look your best ever.


Bombshell Pear Shape



Are your bust and shoulders often a different size from your bottom and hips, are you small in the waist? 

Do you carry your weight on your lower half? If yes, being a pear shape, you’ll want to play around with proportions to make your body look balanced from the top to the bottom. Start at the top and work your way down.  With a small waist and bust in comparison to your bottom, thighs, and hips, you'll want to draw attention to your waist; it's a great asset because it creates an hourglass shape. The Edge of the Shoulder dress is a wonderful choice. It’s our take on the 1950’s silhouette. The Bombshell magic in ours is that we let the cut drop to above the hip line and flare out, creating a flat tummy and hiding the thigh and bottom area. Using bold-coloured tops will work wonders in attracting attention to the areas we love and detract from those naughty areas that we don’t love as much!

Bombshell Apple or Triangle Shape


An apple and a triangle have similar body shapes in that they both have wider shoulders than the rest of the body. Apple shapes have a larger stomach than triangles, so keep that in mind when dressing for your body type. Most apples have a great pair of pins and are wider in the midriff area. It’s the most common body shape for women in midlife and we at Bombshell make sure EVERY piece we design, works on every-body shape. To dress for either of these shapes it is best if you show off your amazing bust. Dress in a way that will highlight this area by wearing any V-neck tops. At Bombshell we make many different v-neck and wrap tops as they are very flattering and elongate the neck.

If you want to hide your arms, choose a more fitted sleeve that will help to balance the fullness of your chest and stomach area, or choose a short-sleeved garment if you like to show your arms. Bombshell has the perfect pieces for your apple or triangle-shaped body, that I am sure you will instantly fall in love with!   If I had to choose one outfit for the apple it would be The Tea Dress, as it is incredible for the apple shape. Having no central seam across the middle really elongates the body and doesn’t cling to the tummy area. The side sarong drapes cut across diagonally.



Tummy concealing dress
Tea Dress

The Incredible Tea Dress…





The Tea Dress is like a magic dress!

Athletically Shaped Bombshell...



As a rectangle, you might describe yourself as straight up and down if you have an athletic silhouette. You know that you look fabulous in trousers because rectangles are often long and lean in the leg. But what if you want to wear a dress? And what if you now have a few more lumps and bumps than you did before? The Grace Dress is literally a cookie-cutter dress. Meaning regardless of your body shape, you slip this dress on and appear to be the perfect hourglass. The gently flared skirt, nipped-in tie waist, and neat collar neckline really add curves—like it's magic and comes in a variety of fabrics ranging from glamorous silks to casual linens. It's no surprise it's a best-seller.



Grace dress
Gold dress
Tie front dress

The Grace Dress

Bombshell Hourglass

Your hourglass figure is so sought after and many, many women would love to have your shape. That being said, it's lovely that you're this shape, but as an hourglass myself, I know that just because everyone wants this shape doesn't mean dressing for our hourglass bodies is simple. The best way to flatter your body type is to show off your proportionally smaller waist and your gorgeous curves.  

As an hourglass, you’ll have an evenly balanced bust to hips and a smaller waist. 



You will suit almost any dress, but the best ones that will compliment your body shape perfectly, are wrap dresses. These designs naturally show off your best features!  Make every day special with Bombshell’s Limited Edition Bell sleeve wrap dress. I have designed this dress with your gorgeous figure in mind, making it the ultimate dress that can be worn on any occasion! You can dress this up or down to suit your event or wear it as an everyday luxury piece! The wrap-around style will show off your perfect waist, whilst highlighting your voluptuous bust and curves. We have designed and made this dress so not only do you feel like a million dollars, but it’s so comfortable too with its sparkly party themed style. 

All our outfits are designed with every woman’s needs in mind. Our Bombshells come in all shapes and sizes, heights, and waist-to-hip ratios, and we all deserve to feel beautiful while also being super comfortable!

Red dress
Little black dress
Confident dress

Super Petite




Are you a petite woman? We have many customers who are under 5’2, all looking awesome in their Bombshells. As someone who is just about touching 5’4, I am not a tall woman. You’d be surprised to hear it’s not always the length that is an issue if you are petite; it’s often the shoulder line that doesn’t fit quite right. The Confident Dress has been designed with a wide neckline, and the Edge of the Shoulder dress may be too loose around this area. Unless you are large in the bust, you may find that dresses drop on the shoulder line. This is a super easy alteration to the back raglan on the Confident.

Dressing to meet your petite shape doesn’t have to be a tricky task. Here at Bombshell we welcome all body types, and we would love to help you feel amazing in an outfit that fits yours perfectly! 

 Super Tall

We also have much taller Bombshells, which we love!

Our dresses tend to sit better if you are short-waisted which many taller ladies seem to be. We want to help you look your best, whilst you feel confident and gorgeous! All of our Bombshell pieces can help you with this!  The Tea Dress is a fantastic dress for taller women, as there is no central seam that helps you to look your best. All Bombshell dresses veer on the longer length side of things and I would consider the midi length edge of the shoulder dress. This elegant dress is designed to flatter with a stunning wide neckline without compromising the comfort and confidence of a bra. The faux-wrapped signature bodice is super flattering making you look your absolute best! 

Bomshell Separates 





Bombshell’s Grace Shirt has been designed to work perfectly with your curves, and there are so many ways that you can style this piece, meaning you can wear it time and time again. Could this be THE most flattering shirt ever? We think so... Why? Well, it ties around your narrowest part - under your bust. So instantly creates an optical illusion. There is no gaping in the bust thanks to pleating and the concealed button placket. It is a great length to conceal the tops of the thighs making your legs appear more streamlined and the soft vertical drapes to the tummy make you feel incredibly confident.

Use subtle designs and darker colours for your lower half, as these won’t attract unwanted attention but they will flatter your gorgeous, womanly shape. To help your physique’s proportions, try wearing wide-legged palazzo pants or trousers. They're not only great for giving you that effortless silhouette, but also perfect for creating the illusion of a flat stomach, making them a flattering addition to any of your gorgeous outfits. Bombshell palazzo pants and wide-leg trousers are going to be your new best friend. These trousers have no waistband, which means no unwanted tummy bulge showing beneath them! This is the ultimate design hack to suit your pear shape, it truly is Bombshell magic that will work for weekends, work, or any other day of the week!

Dressing for the lower half of your body is a breeze! Wear peg trousers that narrow in towards the ankles as these are the perfect pair of pants to make your body look utterly flawless. The peg-leg trousers in Luxury Black Crepe are your next wardrobe must-have! They are perfect for any occasion and go flawlessly with so many of our stunning blouses! The signature side pleats make these trousers extra special as well as the elasticated back will fit your shape like a glove. Who doesn’t want to feel feminine and utterly stylish?!

Embrace your shape, whichever one you are, and know that the team and I at Bombshell would love to help you choose your right outfit – so, why not get in touch with us to learn how to dress for your body type and let us help you show off your beautiful figure at your next exciting event?

Love Katya x


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