Styling Tips for Women with a Big Bust

Styling Tips for Women with a Big Bust

Styling Tips for Women with a Big Bust

We can confidently state that dressing for your body shape is worth the effort. You might be wondering whether to emphasise or conceal your curves, especially when you have a big bust. At Bombshell, we feel you should definitely enhance your silhouette with well-designed clothing that drapes your curves beautifully.    

Don’t hide your large bust under layers of unflattering clothing! Embrace your curves with confidence and be professionally fitted for quality bras that enhance your shape. Then show your passionate yet stylish side with our New Confident Dress in Scarlet Red.

Let’s look at the different body shapes we have as women and how we can dress to be our best selves. 

Understanding Body Shapes   

All women are beautiful in their own way. Although dressing for your body type is not always easy, it is possible to look good whether you dress casually or formally. Here are the 5 most common female body shapes - which one is closest to your body type?

Apple body shape - a large bust, fuller waist and narrow hips. 

Pear body shape - a fairly defined waist, and your shoulders and bust are narrower than your hips.

Rectangle body shape - quite a straight shape with a waist measurement close to that of your hips and bust.

Athletic body shape - your body is more muscular, with shoulder and hip measurements that are nearly the same.

Hourglass body shape - a well-defined waist, with hips and bust nearly equal in size.

Dressing Tips for Each Body Shape

Although not definitive, certain clothing styles are most flattering for each body shape. The Apple body shape needs tops with more open necklines or shaping around the waist. Is your body shaped like a pear? You probably have a smaller waist and should wear styles that show it best.

When you have a rectangle body shape, you wear tube dresses very well and should consider belted waists if you want to give your body shape. Women with an athletic body often have lovely shoulders they could draw attention to with strapless or halter styles. When you feel like a more feminine shape, you definitely want a Bombshell dress. Do you have an hourglass body shape? You wear form-fitting and tailored clothing well.   


Outfit Ideas and Inspiration

We never struggle for inspiration at Bombshell London because so many amazing women wear our clothing. Do you want a dress with a collar? We have two dresses that are opposites, and you will look fabulous in both. Our For The Love Of Pockets Dress in Midnight Tropique has a collar that can be fashioned up or down and oversized pockets for your phone. This bestselling print conceals tiny jungle creatures among the vibrant colours. Our Bombshell classic, the Collar Swing Dress in Black Crepe, is timeless. It has an elegant collar and midi-length skirt with strategically placed pleats to streamline your shape.

Confidence and Personal Style   

There is a reason why we called the first dress in our collection the Confident dress. We want every woman to look and feel special regardless of age, shape, or size. Your personal style will change as you mature; after all, what you wear in your twenties is not what you dress in when you are sixty.

Do you want a dress that flatters your curves but in a classic navy? Look no further than our New Confident Dress in French Navy. It looks even more chic with the matching Cheltenham coat. Do you love wearing navy and white? You need the Invitation Navy with White Collar Sarong Dress from Bombshell London in your wardrobe.

Style Tips for a Big Bust   

Whatever your figure, embrace it as part of your uniqueness. V-neck and scoop cuts are the most flattering necklines for women with a large bust. We have a selection of lace tops in both cuts. Polka dots are very fashionable, and our Confident 3/4 Dress in Navy Polka Dot is perfect for special occasions while creating the illusion of a smaller bust. What about jewellery? It all depends on your personality, the outfit, and the occasion. Some women feel very natural wearing larger necklaces, while others prefer something smaller. 

At Bombshell London, we know how to design dresses that flatter women with a bigger bust. Whether you are attending a wedding or another special occasion, dress for your body shape and we promise it will increase your confidence!


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