Style Guide and Wardrobe Tips for Women Over 50

Style Guide and Wardrobe Tips for Women Over 50

Style Guide and Wardrobe Tips for Women Over 50

Fashion Advice and Outfit Suggestions for Women Over 50

From slimming frocks to flattering cuts, here are the most stylish dresses mature women can wear no matter the season.

In this blog, I'm going to offer you helpful fashion tips for grown up women whether it's how to look stylish in your 50s, how to avoid looking old fashioned, or how to dress to look younger at 50.

Our team understands your concerns, whether you're hesitant to wear bright colours, don't want to reveal too much skin, want to know what your best wardrobe staple is, or want to know which statement earrings match best with the stunning leather jacket you've always wanted.

All my designs are with you in mind! I've spent my life dedicated to designing flattering outfits for women and as we grow older our bodies change but there's no stopping us Bombshells from wearing gorgeous outfits that suit our body types.

If you'd like to know about dressing for your body shape, have a read of our guide here!

"How to dress for your body type"

Elegant Fashion for Women Over 50

After all these years you’ve probably developed enough fashion sense that you know what works on your body and what doesn’t. Maturity shouldn’t stop you from trying out fun and flattering dress options. Whatever your reason for wearing a dress there’s something perfect for every age, body type, and all styles available for all of us.

Wearing a dress that is instantly flattering for your body shape, as well as a style that keeps you feeling comfortable as well as confident at this age is crucial, we deserve to feel amazing in a stunning dress!

Speaking of stunning dresses…


This gorgeous dress is inspired by Grace Kelly and Dior dresses of the 50s. The dress is flattering and elegant and can be altered to make it even comfier for you. 

The button through front with a concealed placket compliments the princess lines which sculpt and visually raise the bust and the beat tie front which flatters the tummy area.

I wanted to keep this dress streamlined, while also adding drama, glamour, and flare, because we deserve to feel like we’re walking a red carpet every-time we put it on.


Fancy a bit more of the WOW feature in your dress? This is a dress that is unforgettable, and in turn, makes you unforgettable too! This is a Bombshell confident dress which is a staple design that all Bombshells should have in their wardrobe! These dresses are your secret weapon. This dress will make you feel and look amazing! The flattering sarong skirt with concealing drapes and it being knee length makes this the perfect dress for us mature ladies.

Wardrobe Ideas for Women Over 50

We all have go-to styles that we love to wear, they never get old! But, if you are looking for some inspiration to freshen up your wardrobe then here are some classic, timeless styles for women in their 50s and 60s and beyond!

Our kids are growing up and we are often more financially stable, so our maturing years can be the best times in our life. This is the perfect time to explore different fashion styles, don’t let being over 50 stop you from being fashionable! Age comes with knowledge so we know what works for us but sometimes we could do with a little inspiration!

Let's talk about a casual style! When it comes to the perfect t-shirt offering sustainably sourced cotton plus a design for older women (who have a bit more life experience and know what they like and don't like) our tops offer fashion choices to complement your dark denim straight leg jeans or matched beautifully without super comfortable pair of Capri trousers.

It’s about versatility when it comes to the classic t-shirt!


Working in the fashion industry most of my working life, I knew we simply had to have a gorgeous Bombshell classic V Neck Top in a variety of colours. This features a V neck which looks amazing, especially on larger busts. It really is sure to be a wardrobe essential! 

The portrait of this top helps to style your gorgeous face and it is extremely elegant. The ¾ length sleeves are a bonus on this piece, making it comfortable and a go-to classic style. Pair this with some loose black pants or capri chic trousers together with a comfy pair of shoes that make you smile, and you've got yourself a perfect classic style.

 For those of you who prefer a long sleeve, which all of us do now and again, this Bombshell magic Ivory Wrap Top is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. This top has a wrap bodice which works well for all body shapes but is even more fantastic on larger busts. It is an extremely elegant top that comes with long sleeves to keep you comfortable and looking effortlessly gorgeous. Pair this with some leather trousers for a classic look or dress down with loose trousers, your go-to blue jeans.


If you are more of a Bombshell who prefers skirts and tops, matching one of our tops above with our black velvet maxi skirt, would be wow! 

This look would never get old!


Personal Style for Women Over 50 

Pockets is one thing that we can all agree is needed for a dress! They are so handy and really comfortable too! I made sure that Bombshell had a variety of dress options that had pockets and some of them are perfect for our more mature ladies.

Having a dress that is below the knee is a personal favourite of mine! Extremely flattering, elegant, and comfortable which is exactly what I need!


Take a look at some of our Bombshell dresses which have all amazing pockets!

This might be my new favourite dress! The Navy Roses Tie Sleeve Dress has concealed pockets and it has been designed to flatten the tummy with sewn-down pleated seams to allow fullness to the bottom of the dress whilst slimming the tummy. This is a must for me and my menopausal tummy, it helps to bring back my confidence from years ago! The navy roses print is different from other Bombshell styles, but it is literally magically flattering!


This limited-edition dress is a wardrobe must-have… and it has pockets! Just like all other Bombshell pieces, this dress has been tirelessly precision engineered to flatter your shape like no other dress will. The collar can be customised and be either up or down as well as the ¾ sleeve. The covered button placket means that there’s no gaping to worry about! The length is fashionable and sophisticated at the same time!

I love wearing this dress with mules or a pair of wedge heels.

Skinny Jeans, Palazzo Pants or Pedal Pushers? 

Everyone of a certain age needs a go-to pair of trousers.

Before I explain my leg outfit thoughts here’s our full Bombshell Trouser Collection for your information and trouser research!


Skinny jeans can be your absolute best friend or your worst enemy! When you buy the right pair, they can show off your figure beautifully and can be extremely comfortable. Just be sure to pick the right pair that is flattering on your thighs and your bottom. Make sure they are the right size for you to ensure comfort and ease of wearing.


Jeans not for you?

How about the Pedal Pusher

The 50s, then again in the 80s and now! They simply are always fashionable because they look good and flatter all body types!

Pedal Pusher designs from Bombshell have bi-stretch fabric meaning it lifts and sculpts your curves into all the right places. The high waist holds your tummy in too.

Gosh, I love my pedal pushers, I have all the colours and I match them with a simple top and then when it gets a little cool, match them with either one of our long cardigans or our fitted jackets. 

This jacket I’m wearing here is gorgeous! It’s the Henley Striped Blazer – here’s the link!

Let’s jump onto the delicious Palazzo Pant now! What’s not to love?

You’ll be happy to know that Palazzo Pants are now back in style! Did they ever really go out?! The wide-legged pants that we all loved in the 70s are becoming increasingly popular! If you wear the right ones then they can be flattering on all body shapes. As long as the pants aren’t too tight then they should be comfortable and extremely gorgeous to flatter your body!

When I designed the Bombshell Wide Leg Palazzo Pant, I had these must-haves in mind:

  • Side Zip
  • Turn up cuff to hem
  • Perfect width of leg
  • Flatters the hips as leaves the hip at the optimum place to slim the hip
  • Machine washable
  • Mid weight fabric with give and fluidity

Believe it or not, fluidity is essential in a Palazzo trouser, ultimately the design should be to look effortless, elegant and never flap.

Tops to Wear With Trousers

A gorgeous shirt like this deserves to be paired with your skinny jeans to enhance a classic look that can be worn anywhere at any time. The bust has pleating to allow room and combined with the concealed button placket there is no gaping. It is a great length to conceal the tops of the thighs making your legs appear more streamlined and the soft vertical drapes to the tummy make you feel incredibly confident.

Some Bombshells love to match this top with their Capri pants and Pedal Pushers. Again, it’s your preference for jeans or pants!

An elegant jacket is a great way to finish off a look. This London-made blazer features a V-neckline, front pockets, single button fastening and a fine white stripe. Add a lightweight classic layer to your summer outfit. 

As we get older our body temperature fluctuates massively so having something so easy to put on and take off is like magic and is definitely a wardrobe essential!

Cardigan or Fleece? 

Yes, ok, you might be pottering in your garden wearing a fleece, but PLEASE swap that ageing and un-shapely fleece for a slouchy cardigan when you go out!

I'm going to keep this part of the blog short and sweet. You can't dress up or pair a fleece with, well, anything. Top fashion tips for women over 50 right there ;)

With a slouchy sweater style for women over 50, it's a simple chic outfit. Hell, go for tailored jackets even! You literally can't go wrong. Fleeces on younger women don’t look good, so they don’t look good on older ladies and definitely age us!

Classic black trousers or straight-leg jeans plus a simple top (work it for your body type) with a gorgeous and super soft cardigan can be one of your fast rules for your rushing around wardrobe staple.

One of our best sellers - look chic without trying!

How to Avoid Looking Old Fashioned

Firstly, <ahem> we can wear what we jolly well like of course! However, it's still great to feel good about ourselves when we put our clothes on in the morning, isn't it? Here are my tips and tricks to dress stylishly in our 50s and beyond, whilst taking our body changes in mind too!

Avoid old-fashioned patterned skirts. Wearing a maxi skirt isn’t the issue but the print and style of the skirt can make all the difference! Don’t wear your maxi skirt with bold colour tights as this can look very dated. Opt for stylish boots instead of tights or tennis shoes to make your outfit look classic and also in-date. Flat shoes? Yes! Ankle boots? Of course!

If you get chilly with your outfits typically, a reminder to never wear a fleece because this can enhance all of the features that you would rather hide. They can make you look 20 years older if they aren’t worn right. Instead, wear a comfortable cardigan or an elegant jacket to keep you warm, but it also adds to your outfit for the better too!

But, remember that you can wear whatever you want to! It’s your body so you can choose what goes on it!

Bombshell Fashion Style Tips for Women Over 50

Hopefully, there are some top tips above, but to sum up wardrobe staples, here are my thoughts:

  • black dress (think about length; sleeve length; neck-line e.g., square, scoop, v etc; fit or flare)
  • dark blue colours (including dark denim)
  • white sneakers or pumps
  • kitten heels
  • neutral colours that match your skin tones
  • don't be afraid of stretchy material
  • get more comfortable with stylish flats
  • show off your assets with wrap dresses
  • boots (be it ankle, lace up, mid-calf, over the knee etc!)
  • don't get too worried about what is deemed as "trendy clothes"

You'll have a perfect outfit or two hidden in your wardrobe that you might not even be aware of. Do steer clear of fast fashion, and accessorise clothes you already have with the right style jacket for your body type, or a cute hat and some fun jewellery. It’s all about feeling less frumpy and more stylish (and stress-free) when you walk out your front door.

I hope you enjoyed all of these tips about how to dress when you are over 50, there are plenty of options on our Bombshell store that would be perfect for your wardrobe! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have regarding fashion for women over 50!

Love Katya x


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