International Women's Day Dresses - What to Wear?

This International Women’s Day is all about supporting the inspirational women in the world. Whether that be someone you know personally or someone you look up to. Every woman has the right to be celebrated! This blog will look into some really inspirational Bombshell Queens and a guide on how to dress like them on this amazing day and beyond! 

The theme for this year is #breakthebias asking you to call out gender bias, discrimination, and stereotyping. There is also the global theme of ‘Changing climates’ highlighting the important roles that women and girls across the world play in raising awareness for climate change. 

Bombshell Queens...

 Women We Love


International Women's Day is a day set aside every year for women to celebrate and promote women's rights, but it also serves another extremely significant function. This day forces people to talk about women’s achievements and the gender inequality. It involves people from all backgrounds, any age, and any gender in the conversation, and encourages them to consider what they can do to contribute to a more just and equitable world.

All women deserve to be celebrated and not just on International Women’s Day! We love all women, but these are some very special women that deserve a little extra loving on International Women’s Day – I am totally blown away by them and what they stand for. I’d love to know some women you admire too – let me know!

Elif Shafak Gorgeous in Black

Elif Shafak is not only an amazing writer and public speaker, but she is also well known for her feminism and women’s rights activism. A powerful lady who was brought up with 2 women is now using her platform and her knowledge to give a voice to women across the world. She is so inspiring to me and so many people. She definitely deserves a shout-out on International Women’s Day. Being an inspirational figure means that she gets recognised often, what better way to recognise all her hard work than our Bombshell picks inspired by her!  She is a very professional lady who likes to look sophisticated and well-kept. This is why the Black satin Grace dress is a perfect dress to honour her. 

The Bombshell Black Satin Grace Dress compliments Elif's style.

This dress is not only flattering, but it is so elegant too. The netted underskirt is a perfect addition to this design, giving the piece more structure but not more volume so that the skirt doesn’t project. It leaves the hips at just the right place and casually raises the bust and flattens the tummy area. This is a go-to Bombshell piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe!

The elegance you require in a dress is provided by the beautiful sarong skirt that falls just past the knee. This dress has modest side panels that draw your sides in and highlight your lovely hourglass form. With a pair of spectacular heels or subtle pumps, this garment would look great.

Michelle Obama – Full of Bombshell Confidence

I think we can all agree that Michelle Obama is a very inspirational woman. In March 2015 the “let girls learn” initiative was created by Mrs Obama herself to help 62 million girls across the world get access to education. She has done so many things with her status that I am in awe of and I think that all of her work should be discussed on International Women’s Day. Michelle Obama always has the best style. A piece that I think would be perfect for her is the navy pinstripe confident dress.


Kate has a refined and put-together sense of style, exactly like our Grace's favorite gowns! We are overjoyed that this ITV presenter may have a favorite among our Red and Pink Grace dresses!

Kate Garraway

 Local Bombshell Mum



Although Kate Garraway is a mother from Muswell Hill, you undoubtedly recognize her from television. She is such an inspirational woman, so much so that she was awarded ‘inspiration of the year’ in 2020 due to her being a beacon of hope for families struggling through Covid-19.  

If you haven't seen her documentary about her amazing relationship with her husband, Derek, and how she manages his care on a daily basis with long-term Covid while taking care of their two children, fronting news stories, and just always looking effortlessly stunning, you should.


This dress is streamline but with added drama and flare. This shirt dress makes for an elegant choice and is so flattering for all body types. The 2/4 sleeves and stand-up collar make this dress classy whilst other elements of the dress make your body look

Dame Helen Mirren

Red Carpet Dress Chic

Dame Helen Mirren is known for many things. To some it’s as ‘The Queen’, for others it’s her role in ‘Prime Suspect’, to me, I remember her interview with Michael Parkinson when she put him back in his place! What is important to discuss on International Women’s Day is her feminism activist role. She encourages people of all ages, genders, and races to be feminists – whilst never giving away her femininity. As a nod to Dame Helen Mirren’s fashion, this Bombshell gown will make you red-carpet-ready!

You can fall in love with this dress just by glancing at it! This is a dress that we have all dreamed of owning at some point and it screams Helen Mirren, strong femininity and glamour! The finest, vintage, Hollywood sequins have perfectly been crafted to create this gorgeous full-length gown. There is a nude lining which makes the dress absolutely comfortable to wear. As you can tell this dress is a showstopper and perfect for the red carpet!

Nigella Lawson

Bombshell Curve Queen

Because of her efforts to increase awareness of Photoshop and extensively manipulated images and the need to do away with those procedures, Nigella Lawson has been referred to as a "feminist goddess". Her work to raise awareness that all body types are beautiful and no one needs their images to be altered, changed the world's view of dresses to women with curves. Nigella had a huge impact on some of our Bombshell designs, which I designed to show off your body's curves.

How stunning is our Liberty Pink confident dress? This was heavily designed with Nigella Lawson in mind ensuring that this dress would be perfect for those body types which have more curves. The flawlessness and elegance of this garment make it one of my personal favorites. The sides are designed to cinch in at the waist, highlighting the curves on your body. The top of the dress naturally boosts your bust giving you the perfect Bombshell finish!

Her Majesty the Queen



She is an icon to me and her style has stood the test of time. Resilient, classic and bold. The monarch has become a trendsetter in her own right. Her Majesty looks effortlessly colourful and endearingly classic in brilliant colours (and doesn't she shine brightly in every colour! ), stunning evening gowns, dress coats, and her go-to black handbag.  

I designed this gorgeous Bombshell Swing Coat (with a matching Edge of the Shoulder dress), as a timeless piece, transcending classic chic.  Fit a queen one might say!

Red dress

Wear Something Red!

Purple is the colour of loyalty, dignity, and self-respect. This is a good colour if you want people to see you and know that you are a proud woman who is standing up for what’s right! The official colour for International Women's Day is purple, one of the most popular hues to wear.

Purple dress

Violet Silk Dupion

Purple and Green have been word together to symbolise women for years and originated in the Women’s social and political union in the UK in 1908. Adding green to your purple look symbolises hope, showing that there is hope for change and equality. Try to incorporate these colours into your International Women’s Day look.

International Women’s Day Dress Tips

International Women’s Day is a time for everyone to come together and celebrate all of these amazing women and the women in your life that you think should be honoured. You can wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in for International Women’s Day. 

But if you are wanting to go the extra mile then these tips will help you decide what to wear! Wearing something red is a popular choice for International Women’s Day. It shows power and encourages people to stop and appreciate you. If you're hosting or presenting, this is a terrific way to easily get people to acknowledge you and the point you're trying to make.



Green silk coat

Bombshell Occasion Coat in Emerald

Here at Bombshell, women are at the heart of everything we do. We are inspired by all of you, all the time! The team and I have worked super hard to make a collection of dresses that are flattering to your body type.  Everyone is welcome to shop at Bombshell and there truly is something for everyone! 

The purpose of International Women's Day is to celebrate women; it doesn't really matter what colour you wear as long as it makes you feel good! If you want to wear these colours but don’t want to be so bold then start by incorporating them in small parts of your outfit is a great way to support the day! Let the women in your life know how special they are this International Women’s Day and help to spread the message! We should all do what we can to spread the message about equality and women’s rights!  Let’s #breakthebias and live in a world free from stereotyping and discrimination. Be a part of this wonderful day by getting yourself an International Women's Day dress and let's raise a glass to each one of us Bombshells!


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